Business Auto Insurance

Who needs Business Auto Insurance?

Business Auto Insurance covers much higher limits than a personal auto policy.  It also carries different types of coverage.  Many people think that a personal auto policy can also cover their business vehicle.  This is simply not the case.  You have higher risks as a business owner and its important that you have the right information.  We help you to customize plans to make sure you and your employees have a successful future.  Check out a few of the things that are covered under this type of insurance.

  • Anyone who uses their vehicle to deliver goods or services.
  • A garage owner or keeper
  • Anyone with equipment attached for work related purposes
  • Limo Drivers
  • Taxi Cab Drivers
  • Utility trucks
  • Fleet owners
  • Delivery Drivers
  • Plumbers
  • Handyman Repair Services
  • Tractor Trailer Owners

What does a Business Auto Policy Cover?

 A Business Auto policy doesn’t just cover the vehicle.  It can cover the Employees, the Business and Equipment.  Just like a Personal Auto Policy you can choose your limits.  This type of policy covers liability (which includes bodily injury and physical damage), comprehensive, collision, and uninsured and under insured motorist.  Make sure you ask you agent and customize a plan that won’t leave you “in the dust” in a critical situation.  Check out for more info.  Cost can depend on the size of the business, how many vehicles you own, your company assets, how many employees you have, and how much equity you have in the business.  In other words how likely your business would be able to absorb a large expense from an accident.  Call us today and we can get you the right policy.

Business Auto Insurance

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